• Tracking Services offer a convenient, cost-effective way to know where your company vehicles are and where they've been.
  • Real-time GPS location information, and alerts.
  • Detailed Reporting includes starts/stops, speed tracking and more.
  • Analyze routes for inefficiencies, streamline transit times, decrease extraneous costs such as extra fuel or idle time.
  • Cost effective security solutions customized to reduce your security risks and maximize your daily efficiency. 
  • Wireless and Hardwired solutions for new and existing security systems.
  • The latest technology in burglar, fire, and environmental protection as well as energy management solutions.

Commercial Fire Security Solutions

RedLight Security offers comprehensive security products that provide an end-to-end solution for all of your security needs.  We provide the most technologically advanced solutions in helping businesses manage risks like burglary, injury claims, employee theft, environmental and asset supervision, as well as many other security applications. As a business owner, being out of the office does not have to mean being out of the loop. Using our remote services, businesses have access to the critical information needed to help manage their business, their employees, and the unexpected without having to step foot in the office. There is a RedLight Security security solution for every business, budget, and need. We work hard to keep your business safe, so you don't have to.

Surveillance Security Solutions

Complete Security Solutions

  • Ideal for heavy machinery, trailers, generators, trucking and freight containers.
  • Easily locate and manage high value assets prone to theft.
  • Know where equipment is at, when shipped products arrive, if assets are idle or in motion at any given time.
  • Set geo-fence boundaries to define allowable movement for your assets.
  • Real-time alerts and notifications.

So You Don't Have To

Asset Tracking


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  • RedLight's expert professionals provide customized solutions by installing, monitoring, inspecting, and servicing commercial fire systems.
  • Ensure that your system complies with all local and NFPA regulatory requirements.
  • Provide a sophisticated solutions with low-maintenance fees. 


GPS Tracking Services

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  • Control access and entry points within single or multiple facilities.
  • Monitor and report on who comes in and out of an access point at all times.
  • Restrict access to authorized personnel.
  • Technology that provides real time insights in the the safety and security of your daily operations.
  • RedLight's expert professionals provide high-performance systems and equipment that deliver both quality and reliability.
  • Monitor employees and assets at all times, view real-time footage, review previous events.
  • Whether the project requires a few cameras to a few hundred, we offer fool proof designs for every application.

Fleet Management

Access Control

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